Friday, June 4, 2010

Bobby Lisi/J-Sin Trioxin

June 16 2009

Double header today. 1st we went down stairs from my apartment and into Stomp & Soundz. It's the local record store/goth wear boutique and Bobby Lisi has been the proprietor for 20 years. In addition to having insight on music in general he grew up in Lodi where he knew the Caiafa family, especially Doyle who was his best friend in grade/high school. He also palled around with Danzig/Samhain's Steve Zing, and Myke Hideous sold records in the store next to him many years back. In short he's been "Forest Gumping" his way through my film for years. It was fun speaking with King Sicily (Bobby's other name) even though we talk almost everyday. The fun part about the King is you don't know if he's going to be the opinionated yelling screaming hard ass Italian.... or the VIOLENT opinionated yelling screaming hard ass Italian. I'm kidding, he was very reserved and smiled a lot. It was kinda cool to talk to him for the perspective of a future parent who grew up being the scary goth guy who scared the shit out of parents.

J-Sin was up next in my kitchen. He's one of Myke's best friends as well as colleague. HE TOO played guitar for Michale Graves. It seems like for a while working with Myke Hideous was a right of passage for young North Jersey dark rockers. A few musicians who made their bones with Myke moved on and worked with Michale Graves.
J-Sin also was the guitar tech for Doyle (who he met through Myke's involvement in the Misfits) and the founder of Mister Monster. He briefly played with the Undead and currently plays with Wednesday 13..... J-Sin is a busy guy. He was very insightful on all the people he was worked with, and what he went through to be a musician. J-Sin is big on respect, owning up and doing the right thing. We also discussed how ego sometimes gets in the way. For as much as people give Myke shit for being hard on musicians, J-Sin felt it made him better. Awesome guy and I'm sure we'll meet up again down the line.

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