Saturday, June 5, 2010

Father Sebastian

June 30th 2009

Today we were going to interview Father Sebastian. He owns the vampire shop next to the Halloween store in New York City. He makes fangs, lives in Paris, believes he's a vampire and his real name is "Todd". It is an $8 toll for me to get into the city. Myself, Mike Hall and Morgan took off of work to do this interview... and if we didn't have work we'd find something else to do. When we arrived it started down pouring and we had to run with all the equipment. We got to the vampire store. We were informed that Todd had trouble with his passport and never made it out of Paris... 2 days earlier. Too bad, I missed out on asking questions like "Are you a real vampire?" If you answer that question with anything but "No" you should be put into a mandatory labor camp. When I didn't think it could get any worse as I'm leaving the guy behind the counter says to me "Hey, weren't you in Meet Dave". Perfect.

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