Friday, June 4, 2010

Don Feratu

Don Feratu co-Founded the Empire Hideous with Myke. This is the only original member of Myke's band he is still in touch with. Don plays guitar and wrote many Empire Hideous songs. We had an exterior shoot planned in Don's rose garden but we got rained out. Brian DeCroce joined the project at this point as another director of photography. Met him earlier in the year on craigslist when I was shooting a web-a-sode series with my actress friend Tacey Willis. We are also joined at this point by our permeant photo journalist Morgan Hodgen (Emily went to China or something).

Anyway we ended up shooting in my apartment.... for the second time. Perfect. Part of the appeal of this project was meeting interesting people and going to cool places and I'm talking to Don in the place I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm in my basketball shorts. Don is an example what a lot of the early gothic people ended up doing, which is growing out of it. He talked about how he's way more concerned with how the Giants are doing then music. I guess tastes change and makes me wonder if that can be me in 20 years.
The most emotional part of the conversation came when he talked about how freaked out he was about Myke getting cancer. Great guy and when I asked him to name his other projects he said no, "This was about Myke." Humble too. Well I'll say it. He has a band called the Tombs-Tones and they're awesome. They even did an E.H. cover rockabilly style.

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