Sunday, June 6, 2010

Joe Pla & Nelson Pla

July 7th 2009

I went to my 1st home town, Cliffside Park New Jersey, to find the Pla brothers, Joe and Nelson. They currently have a band called Clueless, but in the past Nelson briefly played drums for Empire Hideous, and Joe helped found and played guitar for SpySociety99. For some reason I was compelled to bring a case of beer and the boys had at it.

These guys were hilarious, it was like watching the Smothers Brothers. You'd swear everything they did was pre-planned. I'd ask a question and Nelson would answer for about five minutes, then Joe would give a single sentence answer and Nelson would lean forward apologizing for Joe talking too much. Great guys, and really good musicians.

They both knew Myke for a long time, in fact Joe was the guy who would whip Myke on stage.... really whipped Myke!!! When I asked him how he felt about that he said he told Myke if he isn't satisfied he can always beat him with a 2x4. They were both very cool, and when we left I ate with the crew at Hiram's Hotdog stand (from my childhood). Great day.

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