Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bouncing Souls

May 21st 2009

Headed to the Jersey shore to interview the Bouncing Souls. They are a childhood favorite band of mine and my friends, so this is very cool for me, personally. We have the same crew as with JV Bastard. Myke knew the Bouncing Souls back in the late 80's when they were still in high school and Myke worked at a record shop. Then in 1997 the Bouncing Souls went to tour Europe for the 1st time and in Wales they recognized a former record store clerk in his Misfits make-up getting ready to do his first Misfits show ever. Very cool small world story.

Bryan Kienlen and Peter Steinkopf were our guest. We parked at Asbury Lanes and waited on the board walk. Bryan and Pete rode up on their Harley's and we followed them to Bryan's apartment. I think we were interrupting dinner. I feel bad about that, but I got to try turkey stir fry with brown rice, ginger and pine apple.... and yes it was incredible.

A lot of the interview had to do with the nomadic lifestyle the Bouncing Souls have had for the past 20 years. They said they've gone as long as 9 months without stopping home, and got very little money for their effort. Here's a band that has a C.D. available in every mall in the country and has toured the world multiple times, but Bryan has a small one bedroom near the beach. Regardless, they seem very content, enthusiastic, and well adjusted. The loved motorcycles, surfing, and punk rock... what can be a better example of America?

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