Friday, June 11, 2010

Quincy C. Kirk III

July 18

Went up to the studio in Hackestwon NJ to talk to Quincy C. Kirk III a.k.a Quincy Smash. Quincy is a large gentleman with a shaved head who performs in a luchador mask. He played drums in Michale Graves' first band,
the Mopes, later played with Michale Graves' solo act, and now plays for the legendary Murphy's Law. Not too shabby.

Interview went longer then expected because Quincy stole the show. Completely hilarious, and full of energy. Talked about Graves' early days and how in his mid 30's he doesn't think he can keep playing much longer. Right now he works at a camp for kids... THEY LET THIS NUT AROUND CHILDREN!

Our new policy in editing will be "when in doubt, cut to Quincy". This interview is sure to entertain. In 2005 I saw Michale Graves play, and the line-up was Michale, J-Sin, JV, and Quincy. Now the only one left to talk to in this film is Michale. All we need to do is set the date and it's on!

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