Friday, June 4, 2010


June 14th 2009

Today we when to the studio in Rutherford to speak with Mister Monster/SpySociety99/Gotham Road/Michale Graves guitar player Loki. As we should have expected, it was a bit noisy in the studio, but we worked through it.

Loki was quite and told us he was a bit under the weather. JV Bastard (who has been in 5 different bands with Loki) stopped by as well. Loki is a very reserved guy on camera, but he shared a lot of different information. We spoke about his time in SpySociety99 (which for those who don't know is Myke's rockabilly-esq swing band). He also talked about long term goals for musicians. He said in time, he was going to make the transition to be promoter and spoke about what he thought a promoter should do for bands.

We took a short break and put JV back on camera with Loki to talk about Gotham Road (Michale Grave's metal band). Loki came out of his shell a bit more and they discused working with Michale and they're pet-peeves. They have a lot of strong feeling about Doyle & Chud's band Gorgeous Frankenstein. They felt that a lot of love didn't go into his album, and much more work went into selling hoodies. They see themselves always as musicians before businessmen.

All and all good time.

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